Athlete Videos

As part of the PlaySport initiative, athlete videos have been developed which feature some of Canada's top athletes to discuss the connections between physical activity and other facets of healthy living, including the development of living skills.

Living skills are a component of the Ontario Elementary Health & Physical Education curriculum and the Ontario Secondary Health & Physical Education curriculum and include personal, interpersonal, and critical and creative thinking skills that are essential to student achievement.

Through use of these videos, participants will learn about personal skills, interpersonal skills and critical and creative thinking skills.

Each of the athlete videos also has a Facilitators’ Guide which provides further information about using these videos in your physical activity programming.


This video features some of Canada's top athletes discussing why healthy living is important to them and what inspires them to be active. This video is a great tool to encourage participants to make their commitment to healthy and active living!

Primary (Grades 1 - 3)

This video features a two-time Paralympian Brock Richardson in the sport of boccia. Brock talks about how he discovered the sport of boccia and how it has given him the life skills to have the confidence and competence to be successful in sport.

Junior (Grades 4 - 6)

This video features a Canadian national wheelchair champion, Joel Dembe. Staying active and playing a sport is important to him. Joel believes that in order to be at his best, he makes healthy food choices whenever he can.

Intermediate (Grade 7 - 8)

This video features Dontae Richards-Kwok, a sprinter who competes at both a national and world stage level. Dontae has embraced physical activity from a young age. He shares how physical activity has positively impacted his mental health and well-being.

Intermediate (Grade 9 - 10)

This video features a world champion rower, Victoria Nolan in the sport of rowing. She competed with the Canadian National adapted rowing team. Victoria is visually impaired, and she talks about how participation in sports has helped her build confidence and independence.

Senior (Grades 11 - 12)

This video features Mary Spencer, who is of First Nations heritage, and is one of Canada’s top boxers. She emphasizes that being active includes being able to get out, move and explore what an individual likes and doesn’t like to do.