Keep It Clean!

Activity Overview

Participants learn about and practise fitness activities while collecting objects from the centre of the activity area.

  • Junior (Ages 10-12)


  • Gymnasium
  • Multipurpose Room
  • Outdoors

Materials and Equipment

  • 10 objects (e.g., beanbags, rolled socks, balls of recycled paper) per group
  • 1 hula hoop per group


Inspect the activity area and eliminate potential hazards. Check that the activity surface provides sufficient traction. Set boundaries for the activity a safe distance from walls and obstacles. Ensure that activities take place a safe distance apart. When participants are picking up objects from the centre, remind them to be aware of others to be careful to avoid bumping heads.

Activity Information

Activity Set-up

  • Divide participants into four groups. Assign each group a corner of the activity area.
  • Place all objects in the centre of the activity area.
  • Participants set up their assigned corner by placing a hula hoop which group members will use for the objects they collect.
  • Groups assign an order to their group members and maintain this order throughout the activity.

Activity Instructions

  • At the start signal, the first participant in each group jogs from the group’s corner to the centre of the activity area and picks up one of the objects. The participant returns to their corner and places the object in the group’s hula hoop.
  • In their assigned order, participants in each group take turns collecting objects. While participants are waiting for their turn, they complete their choice of an on-the-spot physical activity (e.g., squats, jumping jacks).
  • When all objects are gone from the centre, participants collect an object from another group’s hula hoop and return to their corner. Participants may not defend their objects.
  • Groups work together to collect the largest number of objects while being continuously active.
  • The leader asks open-ended questions to help participants refine their movement strategies and tactical solutions for collecting objects from the centre of the activity area. Examples include: What can you do to help your group collect the greatest number of objects? How did you work together with your group members? Which on-the-spot fitness activity did you choose and how did that contribute to your group’s success?
Keep It Clean!


To maximize the challenge and the fun, participants could identify their own ways to increase or decrease the challenge.

To decrease the challenge, participants could:

  • Use different modes of travelling (e.g., walking) that will simplify the game.

To increase the challenge, participants could:

  • Use different modes of travelling (e.g., hopping, skipping)
  • Carry the object in a variety of ways (e.g., balancing it on their head, holding it between their knees)

Pause for Learning

Throughout the activity, consider highlighting the following skills, concepts, and strategies for collecting objects from the centre of the activity area. Note that this list is not exhaustive, and further learning opportunities may arise during the task.

Movement Skills and Concepts

  • Locomotion – applying travelling skills to move around in the activity area

Movement Strategies

  • Developing and applying appropriate strategies to collect the greatest number of objects as a group (e.g., once no objects remain in the centre, travelling to a close territory to collect the greatest number of objects or choosing to take objects from a group that has a lot of objects)