Healthy Active Living for Life through PlaySport

PlaySport supports the development of knowledge and skills that will benefit children and youth throughout their lives.  PlaySport helps children and youth to thrive by enabling them to acquire physical and health literacy and to develop the comprehension, capacity, and commitment needed to lead healthy, active lives and to promote healthy, active living.

PlaySport is linked to the Ontario Health and Physical Education (H&PE) curriculum through the Movement Competence: Skills, Concepts and Strategies strand which helps children and youth develop the movement competence needed to participate in physical activities through the development of movement skills and the related application of movement concepts and movement strategies. The development of fundamental movement skills in association with the application of movement concepts and principles provides the basic foundation for physical literacy.

PlaySport is also linked to the living skills which identify learning that helps children and youth develop a positive sense of self, develop and maintain healthy relationships, and use critical and creative thinking processes as they set goals, make decisions, and solve problems. Living skills are an important aspect of children and youth’s overall healthy development.

This learning is connected to learning for participants about healthy development, making healthy choices, and learning how living healthy active lives is connected to the world around them and the health of others. The activities in PlaySport can provide experiences for participants to help them build physical literacy, health literacy and the skills for healthy, active living.

Movement Competence: Movement Skills, Concepts and Strategies

Movement Skills:

  • Stability Skills are those in which the body maintains a desired shape in a stationary position, and also includes those in which children and youth use core strength to maintain balance and control of their body while moving through space.
  • Locomotion Skills are those used to move the body from one point to another in various ways.
  • Manipulation Skills involve giving force to objects or receiving force from objects as one sends, receives, or retains objects.

Movement Concepts:

  • Body Awareness: What body parts move and in what way?
  • Spatial Awareness: Where does the body move?
  • Effort Awareness: How does the body move?
  • Relationship: With whom or with what does the body move?

Movement Strategies:

    When participating in an activity, participants will have an ultimate goal or objective. Participants develop strategies to reach that goal and take action, using tactics to accomplish the strategies. By thinking strategically and making connections between activities, participants develop and exercise their critical and creative thinking skills, build confidence and increase their ability to participate in a wide variety of games and physical activities.

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      Policy and Strategy Connections Across the Sectors    

      In addition to the Ontario H&PE Curriculum, there are a number of policies and programs dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children and youth.  PlaySport can support the implementation of key policies and approaches related to the education, recreation and sport sectors such as: