Using the PlaySport Activity Cards Safely

Before using the activity cards, consult with your provincial, territorial, regional and/or organization’s safety guidelines. For the Ontario Guidelines, see the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines. The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines represent the minimum standards for risk management practice for school boards. They focus the attention of teachers, intramural supervisors and coaches on safe practices, in every activity, in order to minimize the element of risk.  The safety information found here and on the activity cards is intended for use in conjunction with your own safety standards.

Children and youth must also begin to take responsibility from a very young age for their own safety and the safety of others around them in the various settings PlaySport can be used in (i.e., at school, in the community and at home).  Some ways in which participants can contribute to their own safety and the safety of others while taking part in the activities include: following procedures, using equipment as instructed, wearing appropriate attire, and using thinking skills to assess risk and take appropriate precautions.